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VirtualDJ Review

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PROS / Virtual DJ has some great features and is compatible with many different controllers and operating systems.

CONS / It would be nice to see color-coded waveforms in this software.

 VERDICT / Beginners and long-timers will enjoy Virtual DJ.

Atomix Productions began distributing DJ mixing software in 2006, and today they sell four different DJ software projects: VirtualDJ Pro, VirtualDJ Basic, VirtualDJ OEM and VirtualDJ Home editions. In this article, we will concern ourselves primarily with the Pro version because it is the one that is most comparable to the other DJ mixing software in our rankings.

This DJ program allows you to add multiple track decks - as many as you can handle, for that matter - but only allows you to program three hot cues. Unlike the best DJ programs we reviewed, this DJ software does not have color-coded waveforms, which help you identify the hi-hats, kicks and snares within the wave easily.

This DJ software’s input and output features allow you to access your entire digital music file library instantly. It can detect musical keys for you so that all your mixes come out in tune, set your BPM counter automatically and interface with a number of different MIDI and HID controllers. The software can be used in conjunction with timecode CDs or vinyl, giving you the ability to scratch digitized music on an old-school turntable. Its timecode solution also is compatible with most music video files.

It is clear that VirtualDJ is taking advantage of the new and emerging technologies in the DJ software world, which seem to pop up every day. This DJ mixing software allows you to automatically develop loops, add gimmicks and samples to your live track on the fly and use an external audio mixer.

The customer service and technical support provided include telephone support (for English speaking customers only), a ticket box that allows you to send a written question to their service and support staff for personal attention and community page. On this community page, you will find a number of other DJs communicating about everything important in the DJ realm.


Not only is VirtualDJ Pro an impressive product, but the company’s website does an outstanding job at presenting the information on its other DJ mixing software. This software has many of the tools that you desire in a premium DJ program.